If you want to volunteer with Love Wins Ministries, there are some things you should probably know.

We don’t do big groups well.

Don’t get us wrong. We would love to talk to you about designing a way your large group can help us accomplish our mission of loving and friending the homeless population of Raleigh – but our mission is loving and friending. And it is hard to do that when you only come out on Service Sunday once a year.

So, if you have a big group that wants to come out once, we can use you – but it probably won’t be working directly with people who are homeless. Instead, it will probably be a lot like work – sorting clothes, folding socks, making care packs.

Our approach is relational.

Because of this, we are not a big fan of people who come out once a year (often around the holidays). If you only want a once a year experience, maybe the Salvation Army is a better bet.

Because so much of what we do is tied up in relationship, don’t be surprised if before we let you volunteer, one of us asks to meet you for coffee so we can get to know each other first. After all, we are trusting you with our friends.

We are pretty protective.

After all, these are not just our homeless friends. These are our real friends.

There is lots to do, but most of it is behind the scenes.

We always need people to do data entry or sort clothes or run people to the doctor or edit video or lick stamps or address envelopes.

Sexy, huh?

If we have not scared you away yet, contact us.